• Tribeni Appartment, Garia Main Road, Kolkata-700084 (Opp. Sitala Mandir)
Why Us

Why Us

What We Think About Our Mission

Our snigdhaneer construction company has changed the face of real estate in Kolkata. Let me confess, we are in business from the year 1990. Our first and foremost objective is to fulfill all the wishes of our customers.
What we say we mean it and we do it deliberately. It is almost 26 years of our experience. It is our principal to disclose all our documents for our customers. We are providing accommodations at comparatively affordable price for all. An increasing number of customers still are willing to purchase accommodations from us. It is all because of our transparency and our promise.
I am quite sure that we will be able to fulfill your wishes and you will be satisfied by our service.

Biman Bhattacharjee
Partner of snigdhaneer construction